Welcome to the wild World of Entertainment Memorabilia!!!

Welcom to CREEPY*IMAGES - the world's first fanzine entirely devoted to rare and hard to find horror-, exploitation- and science-fiction movie memorabilia from the 1950s to th 1980s.

While the main goal for our little publication is to have fun and to entertain the readers, the project also has a more serious background: Today the movies we are dealing with are much easier and often very much cheaper to get than they were 25 or 30 years ago. But the advertising materials, the posters and lobby cards that were once used to attract the attention of moviegoers around the globe are getting harder and harder to find. And not only the items themselves - it also becomes increasingly difficult to find information about them.

"How many lobby cards are in the German set from LA MARCA DEL HOMBRE LOBO?", "Why haven't I seen a single Spanish lobby card for TOMBS OF THE BLIND DEAD" or "Why are there so many different Italian Posters for Lady Frankenstein?" ... Yes, these are not the most important questions in the world, but even with the internet it's almost impossible to find the answers. With CREEPY*IMAGES we don't only want to give those answers, but also to preserve them for the future.

CREEPY*IMAGES is no commercial project and we are only able to cover the costs because we work in the advertisting industry and so we have the knowhow and the equipement that is needed to come up with such a small publication in such a professional quality.

Alongside CREEPY*IMAGES we have also published thre large and full-color coffeetable books dealing with the same subject: MUCHAS GRACIAS SEÑOR LOBO deals with the advertising materials from the movies of Paul Naschy on almost 400 pages. BANZAI! JAPANESE CULT MOVIE POSTERS by Armin Junge is devoted to rare, obscure and often beautiful movies posters from the land of the rising sun. CIRIO H. SANTIAGO – UNBEKANNTER MEISTER DES B-FILMS by David Renske ist the first book about the cult director Cirio H. Santiago. Norman J. Warren – Gentleman of Terror is our latest book about the story of Norman J. Warren and his movies

Of course none of this would be possible without our readers and also not without fellow collectors and movie-buffs who help us by contributing scans, articles and much more. If you are a collector yourself and want to share you knowledge on a specific subject, please get in touch with us via email to info@creepy-images.com.